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Fru Inger Seafood Restaurant, Trondheim, Norway

14th July 2008

Fru Inger seafood restaurant is very conveniently situated near the station looking out over the old harbour. With its original attractive wooden buildings built originally I assume for warehousing. I did not realise how large wooden buildings can be and these are fascinating all built on stilts to allow for the tide to rise and fall. There are now marinas on both sides of the harbour and we enjoyed watching one boat having docking problems. Going in far too fast with too much momentum and giving another boat and the mooring a good bash. A good healthy argument ensued, we felt some sympathy for the guy who got hit as you could see from way out that the boat was making a mess of it.

The restaurant itself is modern and comfortable with plenty of windows to take advantage of the harbour. I particuarly liked the glass dining tables, which were huge maps of the Trondheim basin with all its myriad of islands and a neat idea. The wine list for Norway was reasonably priced and we had a good bottle of Dopff au Moulin, Alsace, Riesling for £35.00. The menu was limited as they had been very busy over the weekend and their supplies were late arriving. However we were happy to have a portion of Scampi between the two of us which comprised of 8 decent sized prawns on a salad bed with a chilli sauce. Very tasty, perfectly cooked and a good appetiser. For main course Father chose perhaps their signature dish of Hitra balls which are fish dumplings originating from the island of Hitra. They were served with bacon, sausage what I would call neeps and tatties. A nice dish with contrasting textures and flavours, the fish dumplings themselves were very light and not a suet base. Though perhaps if one was being critical they were a little bland. I had grilled turbot a favourite of mine accurately cooked and very good.

The service was excellent, again with a waiter Thomas who's english was impecable with no trace of an accent. Trondheim has the biggest ratios of cafes and restaurants to population in Norway and being a university town has plenty of educated students to man them.Though most of them are empty most of the time and as it is so expensive you cannot work out how they all survive. Our bill was £95 for this lunch with coffee thrown in and we enjoyed it.

Nigel Milsom.

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